Monster Truck China


Description:Monster Truck China is a monster truck driving and racing game for you to try and conquer.  In Monster Truck China you get to drive and race your fast and furious Monster Truck across some very rough and challenging terrain in the country of China. The Great Wall of China and the Chinese mountains are some of the courses that are waiting for you. The goal of the Monster Truck China game is to race your monster truck the fastest but also keep your balance and don"t flip over.  If you think you have the skills to complete the Monster Truck China courses you should give this fun monster truck racing game a try.  If you complete the dangerous courses fast enough you can win some money to make upgrades to your monster truck.  You can earn money to upgrade your monster truck"s engine, the suspension and the tires but you better race your truck fast and also be safe so that you don"t crash your monster truck.