Army Boxing


Description:Army Boxing is one of the best straight up action free online fighting games around.  This free online flash game will let you fight against some of the toughest army soldiers around.  If you are a fan of old school arcade fighting games like Mortal Kombat then you should give Army Boxing a try.  When the first round of Army Boxing starts you better be ready to come out swinging and be ready for a tough fight or you might become the victim of a knockout.  Army Boxing is awesome in terms of  fighting games where you get to throw powerful left and right hooks, jabs, uppercuts and use your power punches to knockout your opponent and put them down for the count.  Army Boxing counts the number of punches you throw in each round.  So even if you don"t score a knockout and lay your opponent out you can still win the Army Boxing match.  If you don"t knockout your opponent the match continues so save some strength for the later rounds.  If you think you have the boxing, fighting skills and stamina to win the Army Boxing flash game then you should get ready and take your place in the world wide rumble that is ready to start in the Army Boxing free online fighting game. If you want to have an Mortal Kombat style fight then lets go boxing and score a knockout.